One Year Anniversary

Ricky and Katelin were more than a joy to work with. They asked me at the last minute if it would be okay to bring their dog, Daisy, with them to the session. I, being a total dog lover, said that they better bring her! Daisy kept us on our toes the entire session! This session was for Ricky and Katelin’s one year anniversary and everything about them and their marriage just exuded the love that they had for one another and for Christ. Katelin’s completely contagious smile made the evening so enjoyable even despite the sticky weather and pesky mosquitoes. I was so blessed by this couple that it made me go home and love on my husband a little more than usual, lol. It is always a pleasure to work with clients that not only appreciate one another, but appreciate you. The entire session, though I was there for them, they made ME feel as if I was THEIR guest. I will not soon forget this sweet couple or their session. Happy Anniversary and I pray God blesses your marriage with years and years more of love and adventure together!






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