About Morgan

Hello! I’m Morgan Sessions and I am a lifestyle portrait photographer from the Southeast TX area. I have a passion for photography and believe in putting moments into images that last a lifetime. I thrive on getting to know people–in capturing their love and life and stories all in a still moment of time that they can take and treasure for years to come.

Even in your pretty photo shoot clothes, above all, I want more than anything to capture you. My heart lies in anything lovely, really, but especially in the true art of one’s passion, the very core of motivation. What keeps you moving forward, pursuing your goal and stretching your comfort zones. I am sold out to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to Him be the glory for every beautiful moment I get to take part in. I love hot tea, dark coffee, tiny things, running, and flowers. If you have any more questions about me, my photography, or just want to hang out and grab a cup of coffee, please feel free to contact me!




I am looking forward to meeting you and hearing your story :)

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